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Our comprehensive approach

Jordan Capital is unique in its comprehensive approach to asset management. To begin with the management of your assets is crucial so, we focus on two particularly important issues:

– your individual goals and objectives as defined by you and,
the best strategies that can offer an efficient and sustainable path to achieve of your goals and objectives.

On your behalf, we assume the responsibility of creating an optimal investment strategy for managing the assets you have entrusted to us, thereby ensuring the best possible development of and earnings from those assets.

We are aware of the immense obligation for managing a modern portfolio and are committed to being responsible for all possible contingencies including risks.

Asset Management
What do we do?

Vermögensverwaltung Betrachtung

We analyze your financial situation and your current investments.

Risikobereitschaft Vermögensverwaltung

Together, we determine what your personal risk appetite is and what the time horizon of all of your investments is.

We develop investment strategy options then along with you, determine which strategic option is most appropriate to meet your goals. Then we implement it.

Vermögensverwaltung Risikomangement

We monitor risk management, investment strategy and other services around the clock.


We focus on an analysis of a client’s existing assets based on the data the clients provide. We then offer individually tailored advice that takes into account our clients’ goals and risk appetite and generate an investment strategy that is designed to meet your goals.

Jordan Capital will pursue active asset management in line with your investment strategy. In concrete terms, this means that we continuously monitor the market in order to provide quality risk management of your portfolio. With Jordan Capital you get an optimal ratio of return, high security, and readily available access. We adapt your portfolio to market developments, meticulously buying and selling assets that align with your specific individual risk preference. In addition, our financial managers are available at any time since the stock exchanges do not have any rest periods.

Value Investing

Analyse statt Spekulation
Intrinsic Value

A broad range of risk management techniques

We employ a broad range of risk management techniques so as to avoid precarious investments. Our goal is to invest in sustainable, long-term ventures and to circumvent major changes to your portfolio because of the trends in short-term markets, individual industries, or companies.

Bearing in mind all facets and developments of both national and international financial markets, we strive to create the best well-diversified portfolio for you.

We achieve topnotch gains for you by using various combinations of diverse investments. In the long run it is the sum of all the decisions made and implemented that will determine the successful progress of your portfolio and your personal investment success.

Our aim is to refine and enhance your investment portfolio and increase the value of your assets.

“Time for your capital to work for you. Comprehensive Asset Management.”




Our Asset Management is predominantly long-term oriented. Thanks to many years of experience we have determined that short-term and risky transactions should be excluded from the outset. Jordan Capital follows the maxims of value investing: instead of speculation, we perform a careful analysis and select value-oriented investments with a focus on their intrinsic value, i.e., the “real-economy” tangible value of these investments. We strive to implement asset management at the highest level in order to achieve sustainable, stable value developments. As professional asset managers, we assist in building, expanding, and bolstering your assets. Our experts from Asset and Wealth Management are always available for questions and are happy to explain to you in detail what distinguishes our management tactics. Together.


We invest specifically in cost-effective asset classes:

 Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)
Conservative Asset Classes as Bank deposits, bonds, gold and on special request in real estate

We reduce transaction costs to an absolute minimum by buying and selling via exchanges and trading platforms.
At Jordan Capital, you only pay our management fees and the transaction fee of the respective stock exchange or trading platform.
There are no additional transaction costs nor custody fees.


Asset Management through Jordan Capital is advantageous for you as it is totally independent in contrast to the various exclusive offers and affiliates commonly offered by banks. Our fees depend on the amount of investment under our management and are constantly transparent and available to you. This ensures that our Asset Management services are not affected by commissions or sales targets. A highly skilled team of experienced financial advisors carefully handle all of your assets. We optimize your asset allocation according to your specific needs. In this way, your asset allocation can be optimally adjusted while still taking into consideration your individual risk class and your goal.
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