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About us

Jordan Capital Financial Management was first established in Germany as the brainchild of Dr. Elmar Jordan. As a well-known financial management firm, Jordan Capital embraces the standards and values that are interwoven throughout the German business world. As the world’s fifth-largest economy Germany is central to the European economy and its relationships are of utmost importance. Jordan Capital operates with a fair-minded yet disciplined approach to serving its clients. Commitment, timeliness and punctuality are taken very seriously. Simultaneously, we make every effort to cultivate relationships that are straightforward yet amenable, strong yet purposeful, decisive yet flexible. We strive to establish a loyal relationship with our clients. Jordan Capital will do its best to be fair and cordial as we provide a well-planned process for our clients that will achieve the investment goals they desire.

Why Jordan Capital?

Volkswirtschaftliche Analysen

Full independence

  • We advise and operate independently of companies, institutes and products
  • Our assessments are neutral and exclusive to your investment goals
  • Customer-oriented instead of profit-oriented
Unabhängigkeit von Banken

Absolute transparency

  • You always retain account sovereignty and receive regular status reports
  • There are no hidden costs:
  • Depending on the consulting or administrative performance, our remuneration is calculated according to performance or as individually agreed upon with you
365 Tage im Jahr für Sie da

Maximum security

  • Your portfolio will be monitored 24/7 and optimized if necessary
  • Account sovereignty remains with you
  • Constant accessibility
  • Full transparency through regular status reports
  • Simple, affordable and transparent remuneration system

Above-average performance

  • High yields
  • High return (despite currently high stock market turbulence due to many risks in the world…)
  • Best customer satisfaction
  • Reasonable risk diversification – portfolios of five to ten shares

„Jordan Capital – Asset Management: Your Path to Passive Income.”

Competence has a name –
or two.


Dr. Elmar Jordan, born in Switzerland, is a world-renowned lawyer and economist. Dr. Jordan received his Law degree from the University of Bonn and studied Economics at WHU–Otto Beisheim School of Management, the University at Oxford, and the University of Chicago. Dr. Jordan, magna cum laud, has earned PhDs in both Law and Economics. As a financial scientist, he has been dedicated to research into the effectiveness of monetary policies during periods of quantitative easing. His work in the realm of monetary policy and its effects on the stock market has earned him international recognition. Dr. Jordan’s dual academic knowledge has established him as a well-respected advisor to both banking institutions and regulatory authorities. He has always been devoted to and passionate about sharing his experience, knowledge, and expertise with his clients for the purpose of generating investment outcomes that exist beyond the ordinary expectations of the marketplace.


Jörg Gaden is a banker and above all a passionate consultant. With more than 22 years of experience at large German, private and cooperative banks, he is in the middle of his professional life. Since joining Jordan Capital, the certified senior investment specialist has devoted all his attention and energy to asset management. He is responsible for the management of customer support and part of portfolio management with a focus on multi-assets, equities and conservative investments. His customers and their concerns are particularly close to his heart. For him, it is particularly important to help people in financial planning and consulting and to accompany them on their way.

Our History
Many Years of Success


At Jordan Capital we have a history that began before the construction of the properties in and around Mönchengladbach, ‘Germany. These foundations of time created a stable prerequisite for developing the management and preservation of assets over generations.

The personal and professional development of our Managing Director Dr. Elmar Jordan has set another milestone. His many years of experience in the real estate business and the great interest in all facets of the financial markets characterize his vita. In 2017, he founded Jordan Capital GmbH Financial Management. In addition to the family assets under management, our goal today is to enable far-reaching services in the planning, design, and investment of your assets.

We are happy to advise and accompany you and your family on all questions of finance and financial design, from investment advice, asset management and the design of real estate assets as well as the transfer of your assets to the next generation.

Get to know us, share your wishes and thoughts with us, we will be happy to be at your side.

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